Robust Spatial Regression on Visitor Arrivals From Eurasia to Indonesia by Nationality in 2015


  • Resti Cahyati Department of Statistics, IPB
  • Anik Djuraidah Department of Statistics, IPB
  • Septian Rahardiantoro Department of Statistics, IPB



outlier, robust regression, s estimator, spatial regression, foreign tourism


Spatial regression model is a model used to evaluate the relationship between one variable with some other variables considering the spatial effects in each region. One of the causes of imprecise spatial regression model in predicting is the presence of outlier or extreme value. The existence of outlier or extreme value could damage spatial regression parameter estimator. However, discarding the outlier or extreme value in spatial analysis, could change the composition of the spatial effect on the data. Visitor arrivals from Eurasia to Indonesia by nationality in 2015 great diversity caused by the outlier. So in this paper, we need a spatial regression parameter estimation method which is robust where the value of the estimation is not much affected by small changes in the data. The application of the S prediction principle is carried out in the estimation of the coefficient of spatial regression parameters which is robust to the observation of silane. The result of modeling by applying the principle of the S estimator method on the estimation of the stocky spatial regression parameter is able to accommodate the existence of pencilan observation on the spatial regression model quite effectively. This is indicated by a considerable change in the coefficient coefficient estimator parameters of spatial regression is able to decrease the value of MAPE and MAD produced by spatial regression regression modeling.




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Cahyati, R., Djuraidah, A., & Rahardiantoro, S. (2018). Robust Spatial Regression on Visitor Arrivals From Eurasia to Indonesia by Nationality in 2015. Xplore: Journal of Statistics, 2(1), 61–70.

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