Two Step Method for Clustering Mixed Data untuk Menggerombolkan Toko Mainan Anak Digital

  • Muhammad Shalih Department of Statistics, IPB
  • Cici Suhaeni Department of Statistics, IPB
  • Septian Rahardiantoro Department of Statistics, IPB
Keywords: clustering analysis, marketplace, TMCM


The development of digital trading system today, triggering the proliferation of shops that sell various needs in various marketplace. This is supported by the large number of internet users in Indonesia that facilitate the store with commercial-based digital to reach market share. One of the growing categories in a marketplace  is the stores that sell toys. However, not all toy stores have a good reputation. Clustering based on store reputation indicators can be done to find out how the condition of toy stores in a marketplace. The store reputation indicators used are categorical and numerical scale variables. This study uses A Two-Step Method for Mixed Categorical and Numerical Data (TMCM), which is a clustering method that can cluster mixed numerical and categorical data that using a co-occurence concept. The result of this clustering found that the optimal number of cluster is five cluster based on the maximum value of Pseudo-F and the minimum value of ratio  (R ).