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Nov 18, 2017
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Coming Soon !!!

Workshop on Machine Learning in Practice

November 25, 2017

Oct 12, 2017
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Info Seminar S1

Bagi mahasiswa S1 yang akan mendaftar seminar akademik,

berikut ini template seminar terbaru yang harus diikuti

Jul 7, 2017
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Info PL 2017

Berikut ini adalah Pengumuman Alokasi Tempat Praktik Lapang 2017


Dr. I Made Sumertajaya



Email Address: imsjaya@gmail.com



  1. Introduction to Linear Model
  2. Linear Model
  3. Structural Equation Modelling
  4. Matrices Algebra
  5. Sampling Design
  6. Experimental Design
  7. Regression Analysis
  8. Multivariate Analysis
  9. Statistical Method
  10. Statistical Analysis


Research Interest

Statistical Modelling, Design of Experimental, Sampling Methodology

List of Publicationst

  • Wijayanto, H., Sumertajaya, I. M., Fitrianto, A., & Wahyuni, S. (2014). Statistical models for chili productivity. Applied Mathematical Sciences, 8(2), 69-79.
  • Nugroho, Y. A., Sumertajaya, I. M., Wiendi, N. M. A., & Toruan-Mathius, N. (2014). Estimation of genetic parameters for in vitro culture traits and selection best progenies for Tenera oil palm tissue culture. Energy Procedia, 47, 316-322.
  • Novianti, P., Mattjik, A. A., & Sumertajaya, I. M. (2010). Pendugaan kestabilan genotipe pada model AMMI menggunakan metode resampling bootstrap. In Forum Statistika dan Komputasi (Vol. 15, No. 1).
  • Novianti, P., Mattjik, A. A., & Sumertajaya, I. M. (2010). Additive Main Effects Multiplicative Interaction (AMMI) is a widely known analysis used in understanding genotype and environment interaction (GEI) in plant breeding research. The interpretation of AMMI based on biplot visualizes the first two component of principle components analysis. Biplot of AMMI is only an exploration analysis and it does not provide the hypothesis testing, so it can conduct different interpretation by plant breeding researchers. The aim of this research is to find a systematic .... In Forum Statistika dan Komputasi (Vol. 15, No. 1).
  • Mawati, R., Sumertajaya, I. M., & Afendi, F. M. Modified Centroid Selection Method of K-Means Clustering.