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Jan 7, 2019
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Posted by: agusms

Dear Postgraduate Students of Statistics and Applied Statistics..

You are cordially invited to attend an invited lecture on Wednesday, January 9th 2019 from 10-12 am at the Department of Statistics, Dramaga Campus. The lecture will be delivered by Don McNeil, PhD, an emiritus professor of Macquarie University in Australia and Prince of Songkla University in Thailand. The title of the lecture is

“Regional Land Surface Temperature Prediction using Remote Sensing Images”


Sep 1, 2018
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Posted by: sro

Alokasi Asisten MK Departemen Statistika

Semester Ganjil Tahun Ajaran 2018/2019

Berikut ini terlampir beberapa hal yang penting diperhatikan para asisten MK Departemen Statistika yang meliputi Alokasi Jadwal, Aturan Responsi, Daftar Kontak Dosen, Panduan Responsi, dan Daftar Kontak Asisten

Aug 5, 2018
Category: General
Posted by: sro


Diberitahukan kepada seluruh mahasiswa Departemen Statistika IPB yang sedang atau hampir menyelesaikan tugas akhir (skripsi), diharapkan untuk dapat menerbitkan makalah tigas akhirnya sebagai syarat kelulusan sarjana.


Biostatistics Workshop

Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis: A Practical Introduction

October 21st, 2017

IPB International Convention Center (IICC), Bogor

Register on: s.id/biostatistics

Payment information

To join this workshop, the candidate participants have to pay the workshop fee by transfer via bank:

Bank Mandiri
Acc name: Dept. Statistika FMIPA IPB
Acc number: 133 – 00 – 1143069 – 1
with fee criterias IDR 800.000/person NETT.
The proof of transfer payment have to be sent by email to both rahardiantoro.stk@gmail.com and r.rahma.anisa@gmail.com

Software Preparation & Materials

These are the software that need to be installed in the server (please ensure that the paths to the executable files are added to bash.profile file):

- FastQC
- FastX toolkit
- Trimmomatic
- Samtools
- Bowtie2 (if it has not been installed)

Please also install the Bioconductor suite from inside R using this command:
## try http:// if https:// URLs are not supported

After installing the suite, you will need to install the following packages:


Lecture 1: Brief introduction to next-gen sequencing (NGS), Statistical Methods for NGS Data
Lab 1: Practical NGS Data Analysis
From Quality Control (QC) to DE analysis
Lecture 2: Brief introduction to single-cell omics technology, Statistical Methods for Single-Cell Omics Data
Lab 2: Practical single-cell Data Analysis
Quality controls, clustering, pseudo-time and DE analysis

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