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Nov 6, 2016
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Workshop on Statistical Methods in Actuarial Science with R

by Dr. Budhi Arta Surya, Victoria University of Wellington - New Zealand

December 13rd-14th, 2016 || Graduate Room Class - IPB Baranangsiang, Bogor

Apr 3, 2016
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Bagi mahasiswa S1 Departemen Statistika yang akan melakukan Seminar, update info terkini mengenai seminar....
Mar 16, 2016
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Bagi mahasiswa Departemen Statistika IPB yang sedang menempuh semester 6, segera update informasi mengenai MK Praktik Lapang.

Brief History

Department of Statistics Bogor Agricultural University is an organizer of the Higher Education Statistics Program, S2, and S3 Statistics in Indonesia. The pioneer of Department of Statistics is Prof. Andi Hakim Nasution (alm) since 1968 through Section Biometrics Faculty of Agriculture. Furthermore, formally independent in 1971 with the name of the Department of Statistics and Computing.

The research topics are cultivated: Multilocation Trial, Multivariate Calibration, Small Area Estimation, Business Decision Support, Quality Improvement, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Spatial Statistics & Geoinformatics, Marketing Research, Data Mining, Experimental Design.

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