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Nov 6, 2016
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Workshop on Statistical Methods in Actuarial Science with R

by Dr. Budhi Arta Surya, Victoria University of Wellington - New Zealand

December 13rd-14th, 2016 || Graduate Room Class - IPB Baranangsiang, Bogor

Apr 3, 2016
Category: Academic
Posted by: sro
Bagi mahasiswa S1 Departemen Statistika yang akan melakukan Seminar, update info terkini mengenai seminar....
Mar 16, 2016
Category: Academic
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Bagi mahasiswa Departemen Statistika IPB yang sedang menempuh semester 6, segera update informasi mengenai MK Praktik Lapang.

Vision and Mission


 Become a Leading Center of Higher Education Statistics in Southeast Asia.


  • Department of Statistics produced graduates qualified and able to compete both at national and international level.
  • Building a conducive academic atmosphere for the improvement of the quality of education and research in the field of Statistics.
  • Building cooperation with various parties in the development of Statistics and its application in various fields.


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